Q. What is Paint Protection Film? A. It is a clear, polyurethane film (also known as clear bra) that protects the painted surfaces of your vehicle from love bugs, stone damage, road debris, bird droppings, etc.
Q. How does it protect my vehicle and what areas of my car can be protected? A. When the film is applied directly to the impact areas (front & sides) it adheres to the painted surfaces and adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. This “layer” (clear bra) provides the added protection to preserve the paint of your vehicle. Any painted surfaces can be protected on your vehicle. Q. Can you customize the protection to fit my needs? A. Absolutely, I can customize any painted surfaces for which there’s no pattern available. Q. Can it be removed? Can I remove it myself? A. Yes, this material can be removed, however, it is suggested to be removed by a professional installer to avoid any possible paint damage to your vehicle. Q. How long will the paint protection last? A. The paint protection film has an average life span of 7 years, though it may last longer if proper maintenance is applied. Q. Does it come with a warranty? A. All paint protection film comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which can range from 5-10 years. Q. How is it applied? Can I apply it myself? A. It is applied by using a soap solution and squeegee. Yes, it can be applied by yourself; however, we do not recommend it because the amateur installer may find it rather challenging. Professional installation is recommended. Q. How long does it take to install the kit? A. The average installation time can vary from 4-6 hours. It may take longer if more coverage is required. Q. Are you mobile? How far do you travel to do installations? A. Yes, I am a mobile company, and can travel to your home/location. I cover the areas between Jacksonville and South Miami, and between Daytona and Tampa. Q. What if I don’t have a garage? A. If you do not have a garage to work out of, you will need to drop off your vehicle at my office location. I will provide a loaner vehicle for you to use, for your convenience, while your installation is being completed. Unless, you have a friend or family who has a garage I can, then, travel to the perspective location. Q. How does the paint protection film heal? And, does it really self-heal imperfections? A. The paint protection film comes with self-healing properties. The clear coat employs elastomeric “polymers” that heal over time eliminating scratches on the surfaces. Q. Can you see the film on the vehicle once it’s applied? A. The film is barely visible because it is 99.5% clear. Q. Can I wax the film when I’m ready to wax the rest of my car? A. Yes, the film can be waxed, though 48 hours of cure time is recommended before washing or applying any waxes. Q. Does the paint underneath the film fade at a different rate? A. No, the paint will not fade at a different rate because of the UV inhibitors built into the vehicle which will allow the paint to fade evenly.

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